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ART HISTORY: I have been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil, from connect the dots as a child, to finishing my first realistic pencil portrait in eight grade.  In high school I went on to take as many art classes as possible and won many art awards including "Best of Show" my senior year.  I went to the University of Illinois to study Graphic Design where they only accept 30 people each year into the design program.  There I took many different art classes such as drawing, sculpture, and book making.


INTERIOR DESIGN: Besides drawing, I have always had a passion for interior design and decorating.  I love the way paint can totally transform a room. As a teenager, I liked to paint my bedroom experimental color combinations and make my own curtains and pillows. I was always looking through "Better Homes And Gardens" and suggesting color schemes for friend's home interiors, so venturing into the field of decorative painting and faux finishes seemed natural as the next step in my career.


STYLE: I like creating dramatic and interesting designs that work with the architecture and structure of the room.  For each project, I utilize my design skills to add that "extra" special touch to already dynamic and interesting room compositions.  As a perfectionist, I like a more refined and polished look in the end result.


AUTODIDACT: I was born with artistic talent and the skills came naturally as I got plenty of practice during my school years.  Since then, I have taught myself how to use Venetian Plaster, Lusterstone, gold foil, and other types of high quality finishes.  I can also replicate faux woodgrain and brick finishes.  


Currently I am teaching myself break-dancing in 2015!






Jennifer Higgins is a Chicago muralist and alumni of the University of Illinois and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Since she started painting professionally in 2008, she has painted over 100+ wall murals ranging from small interior residential projects to enormous daycare interiors.

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