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If you would like a free quote, please send me an e-mail with as much description as possible!  It is very helpful if you know the dimensions of the room or wall.  Any pictures and ideas will help me get an idea of what you are looking for.  Also provide me with your location so I know how far I would be traveling!



A pin for everywhere I have painted!


My hometown is Mokena, IL and I currently reside in Hammond, IN


Tel: 708-856-2568




* I drive over 13,000+ miles a year traveling to all my clients!

* Whenever possible, I use donated paint from previous clients & Craigslist

   to help reduce, reuse and save on costs!

* I can now accept all major credit cards!

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If you could do anything, what would your dream job be?

                                                                                                 To be a wall muralist.​.
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