Commission any type of art project.

I can complete any type of art commission for you! 

I have done many different types of projects from pet portraits, to technical house drawings, Halloween costumes, and bean bag boxes! I can do it all!

I just completed a 4-month long project creating a family tree drawing.  It took so long because one side of the family had a lot more names than the other, and I felt it needed to be more "balanced."  So I got on and did a few hours/days of research to fill in as many names as I could!  I ended up finding a lot!  Then I arranged and fit all the names and their family paths digitally on my computer before I could draw the corresponding branches.  The entire project was trial and error of figuring out the best process to create a beautifully laid out family tree.  Now that I have it figured out, the next one won't take as long.  Especially if you have already done the research!  


I price on a per-project basis, as each project is so different!

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