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Bag Personalization


Enjoy the customization as a status symbol and a fashion perk.


I will personalize your Goyard bags, Hermes bags, and any other bags you want to make unique! 


If you would like to get your bag personalized, please send me an email explaining what you would like and I will reply with a quote. If you want something more elaborate and unique, or a custom design; just explain what you would like and I we design your bag. You then mail your bag to me along with payment and prepaid postage.  As soon as I am finished, I can reuse the box, stick the postage on and bring back to the Post Office.  Most bags take about 3-5 weeks to get back to you depending on the design.


I use only high quality fabric paint, developed exclusively for fabrics and leather.  It dries soft and flexible so it moves with your fabric items and won’t crack or crumble.  

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